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Direct Valuations Solutions and Appraisals

In strategic partnership with fully licensed, nationwide appraisal management companies, Covius provides single-family, co-op, condo, multi-family and commercial appraisal services, as well as best-in-class Residential and Commercial Evaluations and Broker Price Opinions (BPOs). Our valuation services span the mortgage spectrum from origination to default and REO. Related services include value range verifications, value reconciliations, desk and forensic reviews, Automated Valuation Models (AVMs), Property Condition Reports, and valuation surveillance.

Our appraisal solutions are ideal for banks, credit unions, servicers, mortgage bankers and investors looking to improve productivity, reduce costs and maintain the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)
Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)
Desk Reviews
Custom MultiPoint Review Products
Value Reconciliations
Property Evaluations
Property Condition Reports
Property Photo Service
Commercial Appraisals

Our residential appraisal solution provides a wide array of industry standard products designed to streamline the entire appraisal process, while ensuring that all real estate appraisal assignments are prepared in accordance with all regulatory agencies.

Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

Get the most reliable real estate property valuations to calculate the property’s value by analyzing values of comparable properties. Our technology-driven AVMs can be obtained in a matter of seconds. Using advanced computer metrics, the report analyzes public record data and to provide a calculated estimate of a probable selling price of a residential property.

Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)

Covius Broker’s Price Opinion service, which uses proven real estate professionals – real estate agents and brokers, appraisers, or other qualified persons — determines the estimated value of a real estate property in order to establish the potential selling price. The BPO can expedite the process when the expense and delay of an appraisal is unnecessary.


Appraisal Management Technology provides lenders with an easy-to-deploy, automated way to self-manage appraisals without upfront costs. Whether connecting to an AMC, an in-house appraiser panel or a combination of the two, AppraisalGuard speeds production, underwriting, and secondary market functions, while reducing costs and managing compliance. For more information Click Here.


Because each property and real estate transaction is unique, from location to condition, and upgrades and improvements, appraisal reports form the basis for mortgage loans, settling estates and divorces, taxation, and so on. Covius national network of service providers will determine your property with accuracy and clarity, helping ensure the right market value is set for each property.

Review Appraisals

Interagency appraisal regulations specify that as part of the credit approval process and prior to a final credit decision, an institution should review appraisals and evaluations to ensure that they comply with the Agencies’ appraisal regulations and are consistent with supervisory guidance and its own internal policies. With years of experience managing collateral review processes our review solutions can be designed to your internal policies, will comply with appraisal regulation and be consistent with supervisory guidance.

Desk Reviews

The Standard Desk Review Residential Appraisal report is designed to analyze an appraisal report completed by a different appraiser. The review appraiser analyzes all information and conclusions in the original report. No inspection of the subject or comparable properties is completed. A statement indicating if the value on the original report is supported will be provided. Report Includes Complete Desk Review appraisal report

An Enhanced Desk Review Residential Appraisal report goes beyond the standard report by providing two additional comparable sales. The report includes a complete desk review appraisal report, sale comparison grid, and a location map with the subject and comparables plotted.

Custom MultiPoint Review Products

This custom desktop review is designed to your review specifications and will conform to your appraisal review methodology. In addition to the review of the data and appraisal methodology, the final product can be combined, when available, with a secondary valuation conclusion through the use of an AVM.

Value Reconciliations

When different appraisers and brokers, based on alternate valuation approaches, create disparities in the assessed value of a property, our value reconciliation service can remove the confusion and ensure your report serves you and your client’s best interests.

Property Evaluations

The Residential Evaluation product, which can be configured as an exterior or interior report, conforms to the standards of Interagency Agency Guidelines and can be used for the valuation of all residential property types, in all markets across the United States.

Our Residential Evaluation Report, which is offered for Single-family, Multi-family (up to 4 units), and Residential land only, includes:

  • Identify the location of the property
  • Provide a description of the property and its current and projected use
  • Provide an estimate of the property’s market value in its actual physical condition, use and zoning designation as of the effective date of the evaluation (that is, the date that the analysis was completed), with any limiting conditions
  • Describe the method(s) the institution used to confirm the property’s actual physical condition and the extent to which an inspection was performed
  • Describe the analysis that was performed and the supporting information that was used in valuing the property
  • Describe the supplemental information that was considered when using an analytical method or technological tool
  • Indicate all source(s) of information used in the analysis, as applicable, to value the property, including:
  • External data sources (such as market sales databases and public tax and land records)
  • Property-specific data (such as previous sales data for the subject property, tax assessment data, and comparable sales information)
  • Evidence of a property inspection

Property Condition Reports

Quickly obtain the current external state of your property while accurately supplying the property’s physical condition and characteristics as required by the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines. Combined with an AVM, the report produces a compliant evaluation and actionable information for confident, cost-effective lending and credit decisions.

All inspections are performed by experienced real estate professionals who live in and/or service the subject property’s community and have a shared stake in its well-being.

Typical uses for the Property Condition Report

  • Monitoring condition of vacant REOs – Many counties require lien holders to monitor, resolve and report property conditions of vacant, bank-owned assets.
  • AVM Values – Interagency Guidelines state that AVM values used for lending purposes and early default, must be accompanied by current, original photos of the subject property
  • Asset Condition Monitoring in FEMA disaster areas
  • Occupancy – While the Property Condition Report was not designed for occupancy verification, it can be used as a visual confirmation of occupancy

The Residential Site Inspection Report includes:

  • Current photos of subject property (front, side, and street views)
  • Overview of current subject property condition (including fire and flood damage)
  • Occupancy status
  • Listing information (if applicable)
  • Estimate cost and time to repair (if applicable)
  • Summary of neighborhood market conditions
  • Number of listings on subject’s street
  • Location map

Property Photo Service

Our property photo service is a low-cost solution that is ideal for banks, credit unions, servicers, mortgage bankers and investors and can be used for a broad range of collateral purposes. It provides a subject exterior photo and street photo nationwide through our network of fulfillment providers, who have been screened to ensure market knowledge, competency, and professionalism.

The Property Photo Service is Ideal for Managing Collateral Risk Associated with:

  • Support in your development of Interagency Guideline procedures
  • AVM comparable support – condition and design to subject property
  • Determine property condition during early stage delinquency
  • Validate use of funds – exterior home improvements
  • Occupancy status

Commercial Appraisals

Our commercial valuations are designed to meet the risk management, loss mitigation, and compliance needs of banks, credit unions, commercial loan servicers, loan investors and loan due diligence providers.  Whether you’re looking for a reliable sales comparison, income capitalization Broker Price Opinion (BPO), or an inexpensive commercial alternative to a traditional appraisal, our commercial valuation solutions will meet your specific needs.

Our alternative commercial valuation solutions offer Interagency Guideline Compliance, (IAC), flexible report formats, delivery times that meet your schedule, and an extensive network of experienced brokers and appraisers.

Our commercial valuations can be completed on a range of property types, including office, retail, industrial, apartment, hotel, vacant land and special purpose properties.

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