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Technology Solutions

Covius has brought state-of-the-art technology for every phase of the mortgage continuum together “under one roof.” This integration provides lenders with what they need, from origination and servicing, to default and disposition.

Through a combination of in-house development and strategic acquisitions, our process automation leverages technology – both industry standard and proprietary – to deliver custom solutions that help automate and streamline processes, reduce risk and cost, and enhance the borrower or consumer experience.

Our integrated systems, including proprietary platforms like Funding Suite® and Covius Direct (UPF Direct) enable clients to order multiple products and services through a single platform, streamlining service request and delivery and eliminating the need to access multiple order platforms.

We also leverage best-in-class industry systems to assist with workflow management for greater transparency so our clients know exactly where we are at every step of the process.

Covius is integrated with Ellie Mae Encompass, the industry’s most-used ordering platform, and approved by Fannie Mae for the Day 1 Certainty® Program via DU for both our Taxdoor® 4506-T Tax Return Retrieval and VODAchek™ Asset Verification Services. We are also integrated with RESWARE by Adeptive, RealEC Technologies, and Equator, RES.NET and RESWARE for Default Management.

Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty

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Ellie Mae Encompass

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Proprietary Technology Solutions

Covius’ proprietary technology platforms, include:

Funding Suite®

Manages purchasing, analysis, and cost accounting for credit reports and other mortgage-related services from a centrally managed platform. It’s a mobile friendly, SaaS solution lets mortgage lenders order credit reports, access fraud and identity reports, control spending, analyze credit files, and monitor spending patterns. It is the industry’s first and – to date – only intelligent credit report. Among its groundbreaking tools and analysis are detailed cost accounting reports, business intelligence dashboards, real-time status updates for all open orders, and interactive maps of credit order locations.


Taxdoor allows loan officers to initiate an order with confidence that delays from common errors will be avoided. By beginning with an electronic submission of the transcript order by the loan officer, the applicant just has to check the order and approve it once he or she receives an alert on a smartphone or computer. The order is then instantly routed to the IRS so processing can begin. Transcripts can arrive as quickly as within 48 hours – days ahead of manual requests.


Self-manage the appraisal process with AppraisalGuard, a secure, web-based residential and commercial appraisal management solution. Lenders gain greater management-level control and multi-department efficiency with AppraisalGuard as loan production and underwriting is expedited. Also, tighten lender compliance with appraisal regulations, including the latest from CFPB and Dodd-Frank. AppraisalGuard from Covius will help promote and protect your mortgage lending business by giving your appraisal process the oversight, tracking and compliance it deserves.


VODAchek allows lenders to verify all of a borrower’s assets in minutes while eliminating the potential for borrower fraud, reducing loan file errors, and expediting the closing of loans. It also provides a secure, web-based platform that instantly gives lenders with up to three months of borrower transaction details. Flexible reporting tools generate automated electronic bank statements from nearly any institution.

Covius Direct and Direct Express

Covius Direct is the real estate industry’s premier order and management platform, providing a fully integrated, simple-to-use, secure and cost-effective management of all routines associated with ordering and delivery. Covius Direct Express is a fully integrated order and management platform for the routines associated with ordering products and services tied to mortgage origination, servicing, Interagency and agency compliance.

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