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Real Estate Nation Tax Services

 Property tax tracking solutions for every kind of real estate asset

Covius offers cost-effective, flexible, and reliable property tax tracking solutions for all types of real estate assets.

Backed by more than a quarter-century of experience, Covius Real Estate Tax Services division works with 26,000 taxing authorities nationwide. By providing access to the most extensive and accurate real estate tax data, we can deliver the lowest loss ratios in the industry.

For both lenders and servicers, these tax solutions combined are the most affordable way to reduce risk and raise data quality, reliability and service levels.

Standard Tax and Outsourcing Services

Our standard tax service, for both residential and commercial real estate assets includes monitoring for delinquent taxes (Non-Escrow) and payment of current taxes (Escrow).  With a consultative approach, we address your risk tolerance while providing the nation’s leading tax service, reporting 65 data points when delinquencies are found, including tax sale information and timely, accurate tax amounts for payment of taxes. Tailored for each client, these services let you select annual monitoring or monitoring and payment after each tax cycle.

Our full tax outsourcing includes tax line set-up; call center and task completion; in addition to our Standard Tax Service.

Service Standard Outsource
Escrow tax disbursements X X
Delinquent tax monitoring and processing X X
Tax Refund research and processing X X
Delinquent Tax Letter Mailings X X
Tax Status Reports X X
Tax Research (Task) and processing X
Call Center X

Real Estate Tax Monitoring Solutions may be ordered on a standalone basis or in conjunction with other loan origination services such as appraisal and valuation, flood hazard compliance and lien release and HOA services.


  • Tax services for both residential and commercial assets
  • Escrowed and non-escrowed service options
  • Insourced and outsourced solutions
  • Maximized operational efficiency
  • No-cost system integration
  • Customized, highly configurable reporting options
  • SSAE16 compliance
  • $5 million errors and omissions policy


  • Life of Loan Delinquency Tracking
    Continuous delinquency tracking for non-escrowed residential and commercial mortgage loans
  • Life of Loan Escrow
    Manages collecting tax payments from borrowers and submitting them to appropriate taxing authority
  • Existing Portfolio Monitoring
    Continuous delinquency tracking on entire portfolio of non-escrowed and escrowed residential and commercial mortgage loans.
  • Delinquent Tax Research
    Also known as an “unscheduled” or “out-of-cycle” status check, it takes place before or after a parcel’s scheduled payment cycle.
  • Parcel Research
    To verify a parcel number using the customer-supplied address or legal description, the service scans relevant taxing authority records and validates the permanent parcel/PIN.
  • Tax Payment Processing Service
    This out-task service submits tax payments to the appropriate taxing authorities on borrower’s behalf to further reduce your administrative costs.
  • Delinquent Letter Service
    Periodic written borrower notifications on your company letterhead, recording proof of payments, and escalation letters to borrower when needed. All communication is archived and delivered in regular reports.

Full Tax Monitoring Services of these Data Elements:

  • Property address
  • Parcel real estate or personal property number (PIN)
  • Parcel’s open real estate or personal property taxes
  • Current tax amounts
  • Water billing information
  • Payment status
  • Delinquency status and amounts
  • Unpaid taxes sold by the taxing authority
  • Final redemption date for sold tax liens
  • Assessment values
  • Existing exemptions
  • New levies assessed to parcel
  • Taxing Authority payee information

Delinquent Tax Search for residential or commercial properties

  • Determines tax delinquency on existing mortgage portfolios
  • Validates delinquent tax payment
  • Spot checks high-risk loans
  • Identifies portfolio risk prior to acquisition or purchase

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