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Origination Title Services

Covius Title Solutions offers lenders nationwide comprehensive Title and Closing Services. Our services – from title commitment through escrow – include curative work, HUD or Closing Disclosure preparation, signing, recording, title policy issuance, and disbursement.

  • Preliminary Title Report – A written report issued by a title company, preliminary to issuing title insurance, which shows the recorded condition of the title of the property in question. See Commitment
  • Full ALTA, CLTA & TLTA Policies

ALTA (American Land Title Association) is an organization composed of title insurance firms that set standards for the industry, including the title insurance policy forms that are used across the nation.

CLTA (California Land Title Association) is a  non-profit trade organization representing the entire title industry in California.  The Association develops title forms and has a number of services to offer its members along with serving as a unified voice on legislative and regulatory issues.

TLTA – (Texas Land Title Association) – a Statewide trade association representing the Texas title insurance industry and currently serving over 13,000 professionals involved in the safe and efficient transfer of real estate.

  • Title Search – A review of all recorded documents affecting a specific parcel of land to determine the present condition of title.
  • Commitment – A binding contract with a title company to issue a specific title policy, showing only those exceptions contained in the commitment and any intervening matters after the date of the commitment and prior to the effective date of the policy. The commitment contains all information included in the preliminary title report, plus a list of the title company’s requirements to insure the transaction. It also includes the standard exceptions from coverage that will appear in the policy.
  • Title Curative Services – Covius will clear curative matters of record that have the potential to impact the new lien position.
  • Tax Certificate – Official proof of payment of taxes due, taxes paid, and any special assessments on real property.
  • Legal and Vesting – A thorough description of a parcel of land and the names, status, and manner in which title of ownership is held with a fixed or determinable interest in a particular parcel of real property.
  • Property Reports (Insured and Uninsured)

Ideal for lenders, investors, servicers, REALTORS®, appraisers, and title companies looking to improve productivity, reduce costs and maintain the highest standards of quality, our single-source Property Reports will streamline your searches and improve your accuracy. Ready whenever you need to quickly obtain comprehensive property and ownership information nationwide, our simple-to-use non-insured and insured title reports are ideal for closings of equity and home improvement loans, early stage delinquency and loan due diligence. And, because our electronic data capabilities produce results instantaneously, even when electronic data is not available, our extensive network of independent abstractors still make it possible to secure information in as little as 24 to 48 hours. In North Carolina, we secure an opinion by a licensed attorney as required by the laws of that state.

Types of Property Reports

  • Property Profile Report
  • Legal & Vesting Report
  • Legal, Vesting & Tax Report
  • Tax Profile Report
  • Loss Mitigation Report
  • Platinum Report (Insured)
  • Platinum Express Report (Insured)
  • Construction Loan Report
  • Junior Lien Policies


  • Full closing – Includes curative work, HUD and Closing disclosure preparation, signing, post-closing review, disbursement, recording, and issuance of the final title policy.
  • National Notary and Attorney network – Our national notary network contains only notaries who have passed an in-depth screening and are approved by the National Notary Association. We also monitor and grade each notary using borrower, client and performance feedback to insure that only our client-preferred notaries are retained and used.
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