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Liens & Judgments

A new credit report addendum service for Liens and Judgments

Because credit bureaus in the majority of states are now prohibited from including liens and judgment histories in their reports, Covius is offering Supplemental Lien and Judgment Reports.

While the reform, part of a National Consumer Assistance Plan, protects consumers from erroneous changes to their scores, liens and civil judgment records remain vital indicators of creditworthiness and the loss of them has increased lender exposure to risk.

The change was prompted by a 2017 class action ruling based on research that showed consumer credit scores being negatively impacted up to 100 points – and sometimes wrongfully.

To bridge the gap created by the reform, Covius now offers this critical information in a separate supplement ordered independently or in conjunction with its Funding Suite Credit Reports. Now, without any connection to the consumer’s credit scores, lenders – without having to research it manually – have access to the data they need to make a solid decision.

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