Funding Suite software manages purchasing, analysis, and cost accounting for credit reports and other mortgage-related services from a centrally managed platform.  It’s a mobile friendly, SaaS solution that lets mortgage lenders order credit reports, access fraud and identity reports, control spending, analyze credit files, and monitor spending patterns.

funding suite

Clients rave about Funding Suite’s core capabilities

While many credit reporting providers focus almost exclusively on selling PDF credit reports through their clients’ Loan Origination Systems (LOS), Funding Suite does far more, facilitating LOS-based credit report request-and-delivery while providing numerous unique technology benefits in the process.

Funding Suite created our industry’s first and – to date – only intelligent credit report. It was the first to present a wealth of groundbreaking tools and analysis including detailed cost accounting reports, business intelligence dashboards, real-time status updates for all open orders, and interactive maps of credit order locations.

While most credit data management systems are developed as secondary or supporting technology by companies specializing in other fields, Funding Suite was developed by our systems and technology division, formerly known as Cogent Road. Our award-winning software development team continues to enable clients to deploy solutions with several imbedded technologies, all flowing from the same secure data management system. With its private labeling options, your loan officer can offer borrowers various methods to improve their credit scores.

Funding Suite also supports multiple-service ordering of supplemental documentation and verification, including tax transcripts through Taxdoor®.

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