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Flood Hazard Compliance Services

Fast, accurate, and compliant flood zone determination and life-of-loan monitoring services at the lowest price possible.

Covius provides the most accurate, efficient and economical flood hazard compliance services available.

These services, initially introduced by UPF Services in 1986, are investor-approved and available nationwide. A National Flood Determination Association (NFDA) member company and certified vendor, Covius adheres to the highest industry standards for accuracy, quality control, disaster recovery, and financial viability.

Covius leverages a complete set of digital FEMA flood maps in conjunction with the most accurate and comprehensive national GIS coverage available to deliver the highest automated hit rates, completing up to 88 percent of determinations in just seconds. Manual determinations are typically completed within hours as well, ensuring that your loan closings remain on track.

Our extensive, up-to-the-minute database reflects all FEMA community flood map changes, including LOMAs and LOMRs, to ensure the flood hazard status of your portfolio properties are current. For extra peace of mind, our Flood Hazard Compliance services are backed by a comprehensive Errors and Omissions insurance policy, protecting you and your borrowers from flood-related risk.

Covius’ Flood Hazard Compliance services are available on multiple online order and delivery platforms, including our own propriety platforms, Calyx and EllieMae® Encompass® loan origination systems and RealEC. Services may also be ordered via EDI connection using MISMO or Standard XML connection.

Services include …

Basic Flood Zone Determination
Life-of-Loan Flood Zone Determination
Portfolio Reviews and Transfers
Refinance Related Loan Determination
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
Community Reinvestment Act

Basic Flood Zone Determination(FZD)

Guaranteed to provide the required FEMA flood map panel, zone and community participation status information at the time of determination

Life-of-Loan Flood Zone Determination

Extends the basic FZD through the term of the loan, maintaining compliance with federal regulations and secondary market guidelines through continual monitoring of FEMA flood map revisions and community participation status changes. Investor approved, Covius’ Life-of-Loan FZDs are transferable between servicers and remain in effect until loan pay-off.

Portfolio Reviews and Transfers

Performed upon request, our Portfolio Reviews and Transfers include an initial flood zone determination for each loan in the servicer or investor’s existing portfolio. These are then tracked for any flood map revisions for the life of the loan. Standard Flood Hazard Determination Forms are issued for properties that are located in a Special Flood Hazard Area.

Refinance Related Loan Determination

Provides current flood customers with a quick, cost-effective option when refinancing an existing loan that has a Covius (or UPF Services) flood zone determination. Provide us the loan identification number and we will cancel the existing determination, produce a new determination, and monitor it for future flood map revisions for the life of the loan. In all other respects, the refinance loan determination is identical to our standard life-of-loan determination.

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)and Community Reinvestment Act Compliance

This legislation requires compliance with specific census tract data, which is made available within any of our flood hazard compliance products and services.

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