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Document Preparation and Recording Services

Covius’ Document Preparation and Recording Services provide reliable, efficient loan-servicing and closing solutions wherever you require them throughout the mortgage continuum – from origination through servicing, and if necessary, default management and REO disposition.

These essential services include document preparation, recording, tracking and release services performed by a nationwide network. Services include:

Trailing Document Tracking and Retrieval Services
Lien Release and Tracking Services 
Lien Monitoring
Mortgage/Lien Release and Reconveyance Services
Assignment and Loan Transfer Services
Document Retrieval
Recording Services
Collateral Services
Beneficiary Research

Trailing Document Tracking and Retrieval Services

Outsourced tracking and retrieval services for a wide range of loan-related documents, including commercial and residential mortgages, lien releases, HUD-1 settlement statements, title policies, recorded deeds, assignments, loan modifications and UCC filings. Services are compliant and offered at a low variable cost with a variety of tracking options and reporting formats.

Lien Release and Tracking Services

Whether you have just one order or thousands, our experienced teams of lien release professionals, using the industry’s most up-to-date lien release processing technology, takes care of every step of the process, including preparing and recording the required documentation to release a mortgage as the final step in the payoff process. To resolve the ongoing and costly problem around tracking the release of property liens, we also provide mortgage and lien release tracking services as a standalone service, or in conjunction with lien release services. These offerings may be structured to accommodate any budget and service requirement and comply with state and county legal, form and fee requirements.

Lien Monitoring

Our unique lien monitoring process and weekly check in with counties nationwide can streamline your time and cost. This service can be customized per customer to monitor on an agreed upon timeframe, such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, to help clients manage risk within their portfolio.

Mortgage/Lien Release & Reconveyance Services

From preparing and recording the required documentation to the release of a mortgage that concludes the payoff process, Covius offers process-driven solutions for every budget and service level. We keep up with the requirements of state and county laws, forms, and fees so you can focus on core competencies. Whatever name it goes by in your jurisdiction – Lien Release, Reconveyance of Deed or Mortgage Satisfaction – and regardless of the volume, we can size a compliant solution using custom-designed workflows, advanced software applications, integrated systems, reporting, and affordable pricing.

Key Service Features

  • Outsource or out-task service modes
  • Full Trustee support
  • Optimal-workflow development and design
  • Rapid, low impact deployment
  • Dedicated, onshore customer support
  • Compliant, nationwide coverage
  • SSAE16 compliant
  • Best practices in document execution and notarization
  • E-recording capabilities
  • Digital signature capability
  • Custom production and management report options
  • Digital image storage and delivery option
  • Custodian Package retrieval

Assignment and Loan Transfer Services

For mortgage lenders, servicers and investors, Covius offers comprehensive services for processing loan transfer and mortgage assignment projects. Our assignment and transfer services span every stage of the mortgage assignment process, including data capture, file inventory, reviews, document imaging, exception handling, assignment document preparation and recording. We also offer extensive problem file resolution and assignment chain research services to discover and cure any issues necessary to complete the loan transfer or record an assignment.

We provide complete MERS services to update, register and assign your loans to MERS for lenders, buyers and investors, including fulfilling and completing the registration and quality review process from beginning to end. And, we will perform all necessary steps to accommodate varying agency requirements as a part of your loan transfer, including preparation of agency assignments, signing services or preparation of true and certified copies of the assignments.

Transfer and Assignment Services Include:

  • Optimal workflow development and design
  • Rapid, low impact deployment
  • Custom integration options
  • Dedicated, onshore customer support
  • Compliant nationwide coverage
  • Secure facility
  • Exception file resolution and research
  • Document execution and notarization best practices
  • Agency assignment preparation and signing
  • Delivery of true and certified copies of assignments
  • E-Recording options
  • Document tracking and follow up
  • Precise reporting
  • Access to images
  • MERS registrations and updates

Document Retrieval

Covius’ document retrieval services for residential and commercial lending use sophisticated technology and imaging, access to the most robust database in the industry, and a nationwide network of field researchers to deliver timely and accurate retrieval of documents and information from county recording jurisdictions nationwide. We tailor our document retrieval services according to your individual needs, and our advanced source tracking technology ensures that the research is delivered from the source. And, you pay only for the source that fulfills your order, giving you a lower overall cost and faster results.

Document Retrieval Services Include:

  • Mortgage documents
  • Assignments
  • Mortgage releases
  • Title policies from the settlement agent, underwriter or attorney
  • Retrieval of clerk certified copies
  • Data retrieval

Recording Services

Covius will process all recordable residential real estate documents, including mortgages, Deeds of Trust, subordinations, modifications, assignments, releases, and power of attorney forms.

We keep up-to-date with all official recording requirements, fees, addresses, and manual and eRecording and recording laws in more than 3,500 recording jurisdictions across the U.S. Our mailing facilities, document imaging, and tracking systems accurately manage the document recording process with years of document recording and land record experience.

Document Recording Services Include:

  • QC review of prepared and executed documents
  • Exception processing and file resolution
  • Curative processing and fulfillment
  • Obtain tax stamps, where needed
  • Complete mail services
  • Document recording
  • eRecording services
  • Walk-in recording services
  • Recorded document imaging
  • Recorded document tracking
  • Custom reporting and integration options

Collateral Services

A host of collateral services are offered to support the buying and selling of loan portfolios, including recording and tracking seller (or customer) prepared documents, reviewing custodial reports and curing exceptions, nationwide retrieval of recorded documents, locating necessary signers, and document preparation and recordation.

Service Highlights

  • Manager and team of individuals assigned to your account to oversee conformance to customer requirement
  • Recording of buyer/seller prepared assignments
  • Review documents based on county recorder requirements
  • Make any necessary corrections (complete recorded mortgage information, add additional recording fees for extra pages when necessary, etc.)
  • Issue recording check
  • Track through recordation
  • Review custodial reports for exceptions and prepare and record intervening assignments or retrieve certified copies, such as certified copies of mortgages assignments

Beneficiary Research

The document processing industry’s 12.5% rejection rate for documents equates to nearly $600 million that providers and their clients must pay annually to resolve rejections. A key problem – missing intervening assignments – can be solved with beneficiary research to track down mortgage companies that were sold or went out of business. Our innovative system provides beneficiary research and saves clients the time and resources required to support this laborious process. Unique in the industry, our set-fee service provides a cost-effective way of locating the information necessary to obtain a contact so subsequent assignments or lien releases can be executed.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

Working with a highly trained national network of agents who perform local searches, our in-house search staff delivers timely and trustworthy results for loan applicants. With intimate knowledge of filing requirements and fees in every state and county, Covius fulfills Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) preferences for filing a party’s Financing Statement in the proper filing office, improving its positioning and perfecting the security interest. Collateral pledged by a loan applicant needs to be quickly researched for previous claims, and with Covius’ UCC Services, you will get efficient, economic and thorough handling of all your UCC document needs. Then, we continue monitoring every UCC document filing, sending alerts 30 and 60 days ahead of that expiration date. On your instructions, we then amend, terminate, or file a continuation ahead of the deadline. By letting us help manage their portfolio, our clients never have a gap in coverage allocation due to a lapse following an expiring UCC document.

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