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Day 1 Certainty®

Fannie Mae created Day 1 Certainty to provide lenders with enhanced loan origination controls, process efficiency, and certainty around borrower data input into DU. By using tax transcript data from approved vendors Fannie Mae is able to offer rep and warrant relief on validated data. By conducting a rigorous pre-approval, Fannie Mae verifies that DU validation service providers like Covius provide the highest quality of data and their clients who use their system receive rep and warrant relief on validated loan components.

Taxdoor® and VODAchek™ from Covius provide reliable verification reporting for the Day 1 Certainty program from Fannie Mae.

Taxdoor, Covius’ proprietary automated tax return verification system, and VODAchek, its asset verification system, can provide America’s lenders with approved reporting services for Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty program.

  • Taxdoor utilizes the Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) validation service to add even greater capabilities to an automated, mobile-enabled transcript verification technology that was specifically designed to reduce IRS rejection rates by as much as 75%.
  • VODAchek provides lenders instant, automated electronic bank statements with up to three months of borrower transaction details from 15,000 financial institutions through a secure, web-based platform with flexible reporting tools.
Easy to Order

Taxdoor and VODAcheck can be ordered – individually or bundled – through UPFDirect, FundingSuite, EllieMae® Encompass® or Calyx Point.

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