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Data and Analytics Solutions

More than a quarter century of experience is behind our highly differentiated real estate data and analysis. Solutions are focused on the complexity and magnitude of managing risk and loss mitigation throughout the real estate and mortgage spectrum. We combine the benefits of extensive real estate and customer management expertise with process driven, end-to-end solutions customized to the customer’s specific requirements.

Our unique fulfillment delivery strategy aggregates and consolidates the industry’s leading sources of real estate and mortgage data neatly into one platform. This approach offers a highly configurable and efficient solution that improves data transparency, strategic and tactical performance, satisfies regulatory scrutiny, and increases operational productivity and management capacity.

We believe these products and services provide exceptional value and affordability with the lowest risk and highest reward strategy for organizations committed to superior quality, reliability and service.

Available data and analytic services include:

Market Data, Trends, Reports and Analysis

To provide your clients with the best guidance, you need up-to-the-minute intelligence. Covius Market Data Reports deliver current intelligence and analysis on the key elements that impact value and risk, including neighborhood sales and listing trends, foreclosure activity, occupancy rates, as well as short- and long-term price changes.

Our reports are completely transparent, leveraging market, tax assessor, demographic, economic, and MLS listing data. They are available as stand-alones or, for an even more comprehensive analysis, as a supplement to traditional residential valuation products.

The following elements are included:

  • Area Recent Sales provides values and extensive characteristics for comparable properties and comps are adjusted to the subject for the most accurate valuation. The exact number and proximity of comparables sales are analyzed and more than 100 attributes help locate the best comparables for the most accurate valuation. The exact location of the subject and comparables are mapped and the report includes both an Area Recent Sales Price Summary with High, Low and Average Pricing highlighted.
  • Area Recent Listings uses MLS listing data to map exact locations of the subject property and current listings. Data includes listing price, date and days on market, number and proximity of listings analyzed, and an active listing price summary (high, low and average).
  • Neighborhood Outlook Report helps predict housing supply, delinquencies and foreclosures in the near term for a neighborhood. Combined with access to loan and property data, the reports can give mortgage professionals the information needed to determine an accurate current price and near-term price.
  • REO Market Analysis Report
    At the neighborhood level, we also offer REO Market Analysis, which includes local market historical value trends and home price appreciation forecasts, subject property five-year transaction history, recent area sales and estimated foreclosure and REO costs and timelines. This level of granularity is important when evaluating potential foreclosure loss risk and helping to formulate loss mitigation strategies.
  • Market Volatility Report (MVI), our new “micro-resolution house price index,” provides a granular view of neighborhood market conditions, with analysis of market volatility nationwide by state, MSA, county and zip code. This report drills down to the subject property and neighborhood for current, accurate, and verifiable data related to conditions that affect value. Neighborhood segments are composed of demographically, economically, and socially similar micro-geographies with similar housing characteristics. Detailed data includes “non-conforming” and conventional sales and excludes refinancing mortgages capturing slower market adjustments. The MVI reports include changes in median sales price price per square foot, based upon actual recorded sales of greater than 1,500 sales within a given segment each quarter.
  • Market Risk Summary is an abbreviated, Competitive Market Climate Report that includes the following information when available:
    • The number of active MLS listings located within a subject property’s census block group
    • The average and median list price of active MLS listings located within a subject property’s census block group
    • The number of homes that have sold within the last 6 months located within 0.5 miles of the subject property
    • The number of homes that are expected to sell within the next 30 days that are located within a subject property’s census block group
    • The average days on market (over the last 6 and 12 months) of listings located within the subject property’s census block group

Home Price Index

Services draw upon the industry’s leading sources of Home Price Index models. Covius offers a comprehensive HPI solution that allows you to compare HPIs side by side to match data and create a highly targeted HPI solution. This approach improves data transparency and provides objective and accurate results. For a complete list of available HPI models, click here.

  • Multiple Listing Detail Reports deliver current intelligence on the key elements that impact value and risk: neighborhood sales and listing trends, foreclosure activity, occupancy rates, short- and long-term price changes. Our MLS Detail Report is completely transparent, leveraging MLS listing data. Reports are available on a stand-alone basis or as a supplement to traditional residential valuation products for an even more comprehensive analysis.

Property Reports

Streamline your searches and improve your accuracy with our single-source access property reports. When you need immediate, comprehensive property and ownership information anywhere in the nation, these simple to use non-insured and insured title reports are ideal and also perfect for closings of equity and home improvement loans, early stage delinquency and conducting loan due diligence. When electronic data is unavailable for instant reporting, our extensive network of independent abstractors makes it possible to secure information in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Ideal for lenders, investors, servicers, REALTORS®, appraisers, and title companies looking to improve productivity, reduce costs and maintain the highest and standards of quality.

Property Reports include:

  • Property Profile Report
  • Legal & Vesting Report
  • Legal, Vesting & Tax Report
  • Tax Profile Report
  • Loss Mitigation Report
  • Platinum Report (Insured)
  • Platinum Express Report (Insured)
  • Construction Loan Report

Borrower Data

Drawing upon the industry’s leading sources of market and collateral information, our data aggregation strategy offers customers a comprehensive solution that allows them to mix and match data, and create a highly targeted data solution that improves data transparency and results. This solution gives you access to accurate, exportable data on 97% of all property transactions in the U.S with more than 100 attributes to select from. Gain access to property records, tax assessments, property characteristics, neighborhood trends, and parcel maps from tax assessors and county recorders offices across the nation.

Our consolidated Mortgage Performance Data solution provides single platform access, loan-level data covering more than 40 million active first mortgages and nine million active second mortgage loans. The database collects more than 100 loan-level collateral attributes, including product type detail, ZIP codes, ARM information, document type, property value, occupancy type, property type, loan purpose and loan size.

Match and Append Services – Custom Fit

Covius’ “Match and Append” solution offers the depth, breadth and flexibility to ensure a custom fit for any of your file requests. Our robust database has more than 285 million residential and commercial property records with more than 120 separate data fields per record, and more than 575,000 new ownership records that are added each month. Our match and append solution gives regulated institutions and capital markets professionals the intelligence they need to execute highly effective lead generation efforts, portfolio retention campaigns and compliant portfolio reviews. Simply provide your file information and we will quickly match the records to fulfill your request.

Easily find the exact information you need to enable accurate portfolio reviews.

  • Recorded Loan Information
  • Details of loans
  • Current owner
  • AVM values
  • Property characteristics, and more

Portfolio Analysis and Risk Monitoring

Staying informed about changes in the status of properties securing your loans, or loans you may be acquiring, is the key to proactively addressing at-risk loans. Critical indicators can help effectively identify risk, support lead generation, and improve decision making to better protect your security interest. Our end-to-end solution gives you critical risk indicators set to your predetermined rules and frequency to intimately understand the quality and the risk of your existing portfolio or pools of loans being considered for acquisition.

First lien holders can manage risk by detecting change of ownership, potential default activity using the Tax Delinquency and Bankruptcy alerts. Discover second lien information, which could result in equity changes.

Subordinate lien holders can receive updates on delinquency indicators, default activity, ARM resets or changes in ownership to protect secured interest.

Servicers can optimize due diligence efforts by quickly analyzing the risk in portfolios (existing or those under consideration).

Capital Markets/Investors can optimize due diligence efforts by quickly analyzing the risk in portfolios under consideration

Covius’ data and analytics services are available on a standalone basis or as a bundled offering.

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