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Credit Services

Individual and business income, identity, employment, asset, salary and deposit verifications

Covius offers comprehensive credit services, including credit scoring and rescoring services, merged reports, and a full range of additional services through our Funding Suite® platform. These services, along with a full suite of verification services, are available individually, or as a bundled offering for single-vendor convenience, savings, and control.

Merged Reports
Credit Scoring and Rescoring Services
Liens and Judgments
Funding Suite®
Verification and Fraud Services

Merged Reports

Gain powerful insight in just seconds. Our easy-to-read credit reports contain robust information in several convenient formats. You can choose the number of repositories and customize sorting options and views to help you analyze data faster and more effectively. Upgrade to a three-vendor report in seconds—without needing to re-pull a consumer’s file.

Credit Scoring and Rescoring Services

Covius provides real-time scoring analysis within Funding Suite to enhance efficiency on every single credit file and simultaneously indicate ways to resolve data issues and raise mortgage qualification capabilities. By identifying potential rescoring opportunities, the service will significantly increase loan pull-through to enable lenders to recover up to 15% of their initially declined applicants. It features visual business intelligence dashboards to keep lenders informed of the status of all verifications, rescoring orders and billing in real-time.

Liens and Judgments

Because credit bureaus in the majority of states are now prohibited from including lien and judgment histories in their reports, Covius is offering Supplemental Lien and Judgment Reports on a standalone basis and as an addendum to its Funding Suite Credit Reports. For more information click here.

Funding Suite 

Funding Suite, which created the industry’s first and – to date – only intelligent credit report, manages purchasing, analysis and cost accounting for credit reports and other mortgage-related services from a centrally managed platform. It’s a mobile friendly, SaaS solution through which mortgage lenders can order credit reports, access fraud and identity reports, control spending, analyze credit files, and monitor spending patterns. It was the first to present detailed cost accounting reports, business intelligence dashboards, real-time status updates for all open orders, interactive maps of credit order locations and more.

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