Partner with the online auction leader for accelerated asset liquidation marketing. The auction process has proven itself to be the most effective and transparent method of accelerated asset liquidation. In 2001, RealtyBid launched the online real estate auction revolution with the introduction of

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America’s online real estate investor marketplace, offers several classes of real estate — including bank-owned assets (REO), investment properties, single family residences, condominiums, ranches and land, luxury properties and new home sales — from the nation’s largest lenders, HUD, VA, investment groups, builders, and real estate brokerage firms. Its unparalleled online real estate sales experience and state-of-the-art bidding technology make real estate transactions expedient and cost effective for all parties.

Short Sale Auctions
Trustee Auctions
CWCOT Auctions
Unable to Market Auctions
REO Auctions
Trustee Sale Plus™

Short Sale Auctions

For a short sale auction, Covius partners with sellers to obtain the maximum number of bids at the highest possible value. By obtaining multiple bids Covius ensures each property garners the highest possible purchase price when submitting all offers.

Trustee Auctions

When a homeowner defaults on their mortgage and the lender takes possession of the property, or a failure to pay property taxes results in the taxing authority taking possession, a Trustee Sale is announced in the newspaper and the public is alerted to the property’s upcoming sale. The trustee is the person appointed to handle the repossession of the property and the sale at an auction to collect the balance of the loan. With 16 years of online auction experience and more than a decade managing REO dispositions on behalf of both lender and government clients, Covius has the expertise needed to ensure the trustee auction is handled expeditiously and produces maximum returns.

CWCOT Auctions

The FHA’s Claims Without Conveyance of Title (CWCOT) program offers real estate investors great opportunities to purchase discounted properties through courthouse and online auctions. To reduce the number of homes in HUD inventory, the program encourages third parties to purchase assets at courthouse foreclosure sales, rather than having servicers convey those assets to FHA. In 2014 the FHA energized the program by allowing opening bids below the amount owed on the property. Through the CWCOT program, an average 35% to 45% of properties go to contract within 90 days of the First Auction cycle.

Through, Covius has created an investor-friendly strategy that combines state-of–the-art bidding technology with responsive customer service to create a streamlined process that makes it easy for both servicers and investors. To date, Covius has sold in excess of 5,000 Second Chance properties. Our Second Chance sales run in numerous ongoing auction cycles, averaging more than a 40% sell-through rate within the first cycle and over 50% in subsequent cycles.

The improved technology is agile and intuitive, allowing to stay current with progress and instantly get sales results to both sellers and bidders, creating a more efficient, profitable and mutually beneficial experience.

Unable to Market Auctions

Assets that are not market-ready can be brought in line for maximum returns. Whether it’s a title curative requirement, property condition issue or a code violation, we take the necessary steps to restore each property to conveyance condition and apply your disposition criteria to ensure your assets have every opportunity to be sold at auction.

REO Auctions Services

Through, our online auction division, Covius provides REO Auction services. With RealtyBid as your comprehensive, service-focused REO partner, these auction services will help you move even the most difficult assets online.

Trustee Sale Plus™

Our Trustee Sale Plus™ program helps ensure that if a property should sell, it will sell. But for those that cannot, we make sure that they convey. For servicers, it’s the best of both worlds. We have the products and services that provide the information you need to evaluate all your options. These include:

Asset Qualification
Pre-Auction Marketing
Bidder Analytics
Auction Logistics
Trustee Communication
Courthouse Sales
Second Chance Sales
Post Auction Delivery

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Since 2015, RealtyBid has led the way in this market space by simplifying the expedited sale of distressed properties at both live auction events and real-time, online auctions.

Covius tailors its online auction platform to meet the individual needs and marketing criteria of our clients. Our unique combination of comprehensive services and customizable solutions enable Covius and to deliver a complete, end-to-end auction process.

Communication is core to the RealtyBid auction process. Throughout the transaction all parties are updated in real time by our experienced team members. Whether you are working with REO, FHA or VA properties; Trustee Sales, low-value assets, impossible-to-market or occupied properties, Covius partners with you to maximize your return on each asset, leveraging our unique marketing combination of strategy and reach.

  • Accelerated disposition timelines and unrivaled results
  • Exposure to an extensive and diverse network of real estate buyers worldwide
  • Real-time auction insight reporting provides full ROI transparency
  • Clear, timely and relevant communication with all transaction participants, including sellers, agents, title companies and buyers
  • A trailblazing auction process of 23 days from start-to-finish
  • Unmatched pull-through rates in numerous asset classes
  • The user-friendly online platform ensures that all potential buyers – from novices to professionals — have easy, direct access to your inventory.
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